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This FREE demonstration Quest will show you how to identify concerns or issues that are suitable to resolve using Lean-Six Sigma, develop a Problem Statement and Scope the work process.

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With formal qualifications in Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, Stuart has over 30 years of industry experience resulting in a unique blend of operational and engineering capability. 

Stuart is a formally trained (SBTI Inc., Texas) and certified Lean-Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Black Belt with broad project experience and proven skills in all facets of Lean-Six Sigma and Lean enterprise.

Along with Stuart's technical expertise, his deep understanding of culture and change allows him to identify the key social and technical insights that will deliver improvements and build capability.

As the founder of Gestaltix Pty Ltd, Stuart brings this proven expertise and know-how to the Gestaltix Kits, Team Workshops and Courses.

Quest Curriculum

  • 3 Levels
  • Coaching By Stu
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    Getting Started

    Get familiar with the Quest platform and learn how to identify the concerns or issues that can be selected as Lean-Six Sigma projects.

  • Level 02

    Define the Problem

    Learn the key Lean-Six Sigma 'Define stage' tools: Define the identified concern or issue using a Problem Statement, and Scope the work process using a SIPOC Chart.

  • Level 03

    Quest finish line!

    Receive a reward for completing the Quest!

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